A Brief Biography

Dr. Patricia J. Gray is an internationally renowned Clinical Sexologist and therapist with 40 years of clinical and research experience. Dr. Gray is the founding member of many nationally recognized treatment and training programs in which human sexuality is a key focus. As a professor of clinical sexology Dr. Gray teaches professionals in medical, academic, religious, and legal disciplines. For individuals in both their personal and professional lives, Dr. Gray strives to assist people in understanding their own sexuality and then how to share themselves with a partner if they choose.

Dr.Gray understands that attitudes to and treatment of human sexual behavior has sadly been steeped in Victorian influences, which have come to us mostly through our parents, instructors, physicians, and religious leaders.

By doing a complete evaluation including: background, medical history, family history, and personal history, she is able to sum up significant findings, and a probable explanation of the causes of any problem. By explaining myths, misinformation, communication failures and most importantly perceived individual roles in how we live our lives both independently and with others, we can achieve personal sexual freedom.

Dr. Gray has initiated various sex education programs dealing with information for children, adolescents and adults. Her sexological health research continues to encompass the study of the latest research findings, multiple diagnoses and cofactors, epidemiological programs and advanced therapeutic intervention strategies.

Understanding gay male, lesbian and bi-sexual lifestyles permits Dr.Gray to work with those individuals with an in-depth exploration of the myths and realities surrounding women and men who feel they are homosexual or bisexual. Learning to lead a happy lifestyle for these individuals must include information on sexuality and self-definition, appropriate therapy, information for gay, lesbian, and bisexual parents, homophobia, heterophobia, religion and health issues.

Dr. Gray has pioneered techniques for sexual pleasure for each individual on a personal basis. Therapeutic tools include strategies for a better sex life, sex aids, sexual approaches, male and female pleasuring and a complete understanding of the human body and its sexual function. Throughout her career Dr. Gray has maintained training for gynecologists on the anatomy and functioning of the female genitalia, physiological causes of sexual dysfunction, impact on functioning of medications, sexually transmitted diseases (including treatment), certain surgical techniques, and contraception. In the development of her treatment programs for male sexuality and genital issues, she has collaborated extensively in research with other clinicials in such fields as urology, endocrinology and general practice.

Sexual fulfillment is not just for the young and fit. Dr. Gray's lifelong clinical experience with sex, geriatrics, illness and disability has led to an examination of the sexual potential and rights of older persons, disabled persons and those suffering from chronic illness.

Dr. Gray's understanding of human sexuality in various societies, including contemporary society, permit understanding of sexual expression in our society in relationship to the law. Her background includes a careful examination of the Commission on Obscenity and Pornography report, as well as the history of religious attitudes toward sexual behavior and their influence on the law. Dr. Gray has extensive experience in court proceedings as an expert witness.

A contemporary of the Kinsey Research team, Dr. Patricia Gray has both clinical and research experience helping individuals having difficulty with gender identity. With the knowledge of transgender issues that both transsexualism and crossdressing (transvestism) require understanding, and clarifying these two aspects of human development, she is established as a specialist in this field. The emergence of awareness of individuals with intersex problems has led to Dr. Gray's recognition as a resource specialist for therapeutic guidance. As a member of sexual reassignment surgery teams, Dr. Gray has first hand experience with the issues involved with gender/sex identity and transition. It is her life goal to education and facilitate all humans with the differences that are present with gender identity, gender roles, and sexual behavior.

Her knowledge of children's awareness of their bodies and sexual feelings during their growth and development from birth to adolescence lead to a practical approach to understanding sexual identity and sexual activity in childhood. She has specific methods of dealing with age-appropriate sexual interest and behavior, and inappropriate or traumatic sexual experiences. She treats child sexual abuse from a pediatric psychosexual focus. Help for sex offenders includes treatment methods focused on both the child, families, and offenders.

Dr. Patricia Gray's clinical practice at Peninsula Sexology Associates maintains therapy that assists people living their lives as sexual beings in the world. Love, trust, respect and commitment for living as a whole person help people have a sense of completeness of self-acceptance as a total sexual person. She stresses the understanding of fantasy development, body awareness, self-pleasuring, communication skills with an understanding of how people have organized their sexual lifestyles including communal living, alternative lifestyles, S/M and B/D, group marriage and living single.

Her thorough knowledge of women's sexuality, including the suppression of female sexuality, sex role stereotyping, and the role of the women's movement have led Dr. Gray to treat women who are both pre-orgasmic or not orgasmic with a partner to learn how to have choice with their individual sexual lifestyles.

Some specific issues Dr. Gray deals with are more often related to painful sex, reported lack or loss of sexual desire, relationships of many natures, learning social skills, trauma, incest, disabilities, sex offenders, female ejaculation, rapid ejaculation for the male, erectile difficulties, delayed ejaculation in the male, body piercings and their role in relationships, sexuality throughout the lifespan, and medical and physical problems. Depression and anxiety often contribute to any and all these problems for individuals and couples seeking therapeutic help.

Dr. Gray is recognized world-wide for her pioneer training with female and male surrogates as an integral aspect of therapeutic treatment. Training professionals regarding all aspects of surrogate-partner therapy is of vital importance. All must learn that the focus of therapy is to help the individual assume self-responsibility for his or her sexual arousal and expression and establish her/his uniqueness as a sexual being.

More details are available on my curriculum vitae.