The term "transgender" has a specific technical meaning, but for most people it is a wide umbrella term used to cover a multi-dimensional spectrum of feelings and behaviors. It is used to cover behaviors ranging from occasional crossdressing, through frequent or habitual crossdressing, but it is also used when refering to people who experience a sense of disquiet or alienation in themselves, characterized by the sense that the sense of gender (masculinity or femininity) is not aligned with physical appearance or gender role, or that the sense of sexuality (maleness or femaleness) is not consistent with the person's anatomical appearance. These feelings are not a matter of whim. They are deep-seated and are usually amongst the earliest memories of the transgendered from childhood.

It is important to understand that there is nothing wrong with any of these feelings or behaviors. Indeed pathologizing them can be not just counter-productive, but actively harmful to the people involved. However, people who have feelings or behaviors which we can broadly describe as "transgendered" often have emotional difficulties either as individuals or in terms of how they interact with their loved ones. I have decades of therapeutic, clinical and research experience in helping transgendered people. As you read on, I hope you will get a sense of how together we might approach your specific issues.

If you come to see me concerning any aspect of transgender phenomena. You can expect that I would perform a detailed evaluation of your current state as an individual, or couple. This will help you and me understand your gender and sex identity and any psychological or relationship issues that might require further investigation or treatment. You, the client, need to learn and understand how your specific issues of gender and sex identity relate to your entire attitude to your sex life and your personal relationships.

You have a right to a good sex life, irrespective of your gender identity. If you were avoiding an active sex life because of your gender identity, understanding how your sex and gender identity can become a joyous part of your life is the most rewarding part of sex therapy. Negative sexual emotions can rule your current and future sexual development, but together we can dispell them and help you to blossom.

More details are available on my curriculum vitae. Please don't hesitate to contact me.