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Everybody questions their sex or gender identity at least until puberty. However, many people feel profoundly alienated in their bodies. This is experienced equally by both women and men. It can range from a generalized sense that one was born a (wo)man but should have been born a (wo)man. Some feel such a strong sense of disquiet or disgust with their bodies that they will, as children, mutilate themselves so as to try to excise the genitalia they find so offensive. It is now well scientifically understood that children begin to have these feelings as early as eighteen months of age.

Just because you feel you should be feminine, but have a man's body or vice versa does not necessaarily mean that you will want or need hormone assistance or surgery, whether that be SRS (sex reassignment surgery), MTF (male to female) or FTM (female to male), or FFS (facial feminization surgery). Understanding how these feelings relate to your specific needs - how to make you a whole person is a profound matter for self discovery and education.

People who experience these phenomena will often attempt to use their sexual behavior as a criterion by which to judge how to answer their confusion about their gender identity. In fact, they are an entirely separate issues. Of course, it takes time, but evaluation and subsequent therapy will provide all you need in order to understand who you really are.

Your personality is not a mask. You are yuo you are, but how you present yourself to the outside world has probably been masking who you really are. I can help you to navigate these waters. Therapy focuses on how to grapple with all of the issues: dressing, social integration and behavior, as well as your body. This will help you to gain confidence in your understanding of yourself. It will allow you to move forward with confidence and self-esteem as you learn whether hormones or surgery are the right way for you to go.

Sex therapy will hold your hand as you develop this understanding. Learning everything you can so that you will not harm yourself (or others) takes time. Exercising the options that will affect the rest of your life. Being deliberate and thoughtful about the process will help you and your family through the process.

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